Douglas County - Junior Master Gardener Program
By Denine Rogers Rd, Ld, Master Gardener
Have you been to Deer Lick Park lately? Beyond the rolling hills, mini dog and skateboarding park is a serene square box garden with basil, lettuce, cabbage, marigolds and carrots to name a few. This is the new site for the official Junior Master Gardeners program. This unique group of gardener s was started by Martha Dunnell and Kevin Livingston. It has been in existence since March 2009 and was originally located at Boundary Waters. Since that first day of its conception, Junior Master Gardeners have been making tremendous strides. Currently, the Junior Master Gardeners are recruiting children ages 8-16 to learn about the importance of gardening. So the next time you come to Deer Lick Park stop by your Junior Master Gardeners gardening area. We would love to see you here!  To learn more about the program, click here!