Green Roof at Sweetwater Park


 Green Roof – A Master Gardener Project

            The vegetated roof atop the Interpretive Center/Museum at Sweetwater Creek Conservation Park is being renovated by Master Gardeners. Originally installed in 2006, much of the planting did not survive because funding by the State was eliminated and the roofscape was not maintained. Thriving in a rooftop setting is a challenge for the hardiest of plants.

             Master Gardeners are usually seen working on Fridays from about 8am-10am, with an occasional change in schedule if necessary. If you’d like to stop by and see what’s going on, please do! 

             For more information about this project, or if perhaps you have a plant in your landscape that fills the environmental requirements of the roof that you would like to offer, please contact Mellie Boykin at or (770) 942-6871.

On the Roof with Michele Kirk, Randy Cooper, Susan Dooley, Mellie Boykin

Betsy Simon, Randy Cooper and Sweetwater Park Manager Phil Delestrez view flats donated by Phil.

View of the Roof in June ‘09