Upcoming Events for 2018

Annual Plant Sale

The Douglas County Master Gardeners will have their annual plant sale Saturday, May 5th, from 8:00a.m. until 1:00p.m. There will be a large variety of perennials, shrubs, annuals, herbs, and vegetables--many ‘old favorites’ and some ‘hard to find’ plants. Proceeds benefit a variety of causes throughout Douglas County including the group’s garden for ‘Feed the Hungry’. The sale will be at the Master Gardener’s greenhouse located adjacent to the Woodie Fite Senior Center at 8750 Dorris Road in Douglasville, 30134.

11th Annual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival

 "Passport to Citylines" - June 2-3
“Passport to Citylines” is the selected title for the Standard Flower Show for the 11thAnnual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival. It reflects the Festival’s purpose of transporting ourselves to the cities and locations named in the Hydrangea Citylines series, and represents the origins of the theme Hydrangeas, ‘Paris’, ‘Venice’, ‘Berlin’, ‘Vienna’, ‘Rio’ and ‘Mars’.

The Cityline series are all dwarf macrophylla varieties only reaching 1 to 3 feet and developed by Rampp of Germany. All have outrageously beautiful flowers with long-lasting blooms that age to an attractive green and are well suited for container gardening.

The Cityline Mars has big, heavy fuchia and white variegated flowers. Cityline Paris is one of the smallest hydrangeas on the market with intense red or violet blue flowers. The Cityline Venice has blooms that can reach up to 6 inches in diameter with intensely pigmented bright fuchsia or blue colored flowers. Tight, compact growth with large flowers characterizes Cityline Rio with clear pink colored flowers. The Cityline Vienna, the smallest of the series, has dark pink flowers that emerge with an attractive cream-colored throat. Cityline Berlin has clear pink colored flowers that are the largest in the series.

“Passport to Citylines” is an invitation to travel to visit the past, present and the future of our world and beyond as all titles of the Show reflect.

A ticketed day time garden tour event of six local private gardens, each featuring one of the theme Hydrangeas, free public tours including the Master Gardener projects at their Vegetable Garden with a wonderful display of scarecrows, the ten Douglas County Butterfly Trail Gardens, professional display gardens, and the outstanding miniature garden exhibits at the Old Courthouse Museum. A ticketed pre-event Wine Tasting on Friday, June 1, at the Old Courthouse Museum will kick start the Festival.

Additional information, tickets and entry forms may be found at our website www.hydrangeafest.com soon! Mark your calendar and see you there!

32th Annual “Home Vegetable Garden Contest”

Have you been told that you have one of the best vegetable gardens in Douglas County? If so, then you need to enter the 'Best Vegetable Garden Contest' this year.
This is the 32nd annual contest and is sponsored by four groups: The Douglas County Farm Bureau, Turner's Feed and Seed, the Douglas County Cooperative Extension, and the Douglas County Master Gardeners.
The deadline for entries for the 32nd annual 'Home Vegetable Garden Contest’ is May 31st. $100.00 prize money and a plaque recognizing outstanding achievement will be awarded to the first place winners in four categories: Best small, medium and large gardens and best miniature or youth garden.
If you wish to enter or nominate someone, contact Charles Fleming at 770-949-1003 or Earl Cosgrove at 770-605-0156. You may also pick up and/or drop off a form at any of the sponsor's locations.
24th Annual “Great Tomato Contest”

This annual event is sponsored by the Douglas County Master Gardeners, Douglas County Cooperative Extension, and Turner’s Feed and Seed.
If you think your home-grown tomato is the biggest ever, show us what you have! Once again, the hunt is on for Douglas County's biggest tomato and yours could be the one. Bring your potential winner to Turner’s Feed and Seed at 8808 Bright Star Road, Douglasville, GA 30134, any weekday from 8a.m.-6p.m or Saturday 8a.m.-3:30p.m. through September 7th.
The grower of the winning tomato will receive $100 courtesy of Turner’s, a plaque from the DCMGA, and a certificate from the DC Cooperative Extension Service.
For additional information, contact Charles Fleming at 770-949-1003 or Earl Cosgrove at 770-605-0156.